My payment didn’t work, how can I check if my order has been placed?

Your acquisitions are processed by Ogone Payment Services. Check your personal account for status on delivery.


I haven’t received my order yet, where can I check the delivery status?

The moment your order leaves our workshop an automated email will be addressed to you. From that period on you can check the delivery status via track and trace with the postal service. If for whatever reason you can’t find the information you’re searching for we would advise you to contact the postal service by phone: +31 (0)43 3254471


I have received a damaged shipment, what can and must I do?

Of course we regret this sincerely. This misfortune could have happened on several occasions during delivery. It’s important to know where. We would ask you to immediately send an email to mentioning the delivery date, your order number and if you would be so kind a photograph of the damaged product/packaging. We will make sure a replacement will be produced and sent as soon as possible.


I would like to know how the discount system works

We offer our discounts in different forms. For instance registered clients who made a purchase above a certain minimum will receive a discount on their next purchase automatically. Sometimes however we offer discounts via magazines or even social media such as Facebook. During the process of ordering you will be prompted to fill out a discount code if you have one.


How many products can I order in one go?

For consumers there is no limit in the amount of products ordered nor is there a shipping cost (within Europe). If you’re a retailer and want to order in bulk it is best to contact to discuss options on delivery and amount.


How do I become a premium BUNS reseller?

To discuss options please send an email to


I have spotted a production error in my product!

Let us know and rest  assured the one responsible will get a good bun-smacking. This is not how we roll! Our products should reach you in no other state than absolute perfection. If this is not the case please contact us and we’ll send you a new product with our sincere apologies.


I have returned my product but I haven’t yet received my refund! What can I do?

Please contact and explain when and how you’ve returned the product. When your product has returned to us we’ll obviously give you a full refund.


Which payment methods does BUNS offer?

We accept payments via Ideal, creditcard and Paypal.


What are the terms and conditions of BUNS?

Well, obviously one shouldn’t rob a bank wearing buns unless effort is being made in taking nice pictures and having a funny story to tell. Do not try to choke anyone with a BUNS product, it’ll look silly and it takes ages. Anything else please have a look at our terms and conditions


I want to have BUNS tailor me something special. Possible?

Sure. All BUNS are tailor made so just order anything from our shop and it’ll be special! O you mean you want something even more special? Well we won’t dress your pet turtle (not yet) but we’re definitely open to your questions and ideas. Send us your request and we’ll send you a reply. And if you’re really specific we can also be specific in the pricing. Originality will be rewarded with a discount. Yes you read correctly, make it good.


I want to send someone a BUNS product as a present, how do I go about doing this?

That’s so sweet! Nothing says ‘I like your buns’ more than offering a BUNS! In our ordering process you will be prompted to gift wrap and add a personal message to your gift. Very stylish, our compliments! Is it going to be a gift to a friend, or a ‘special friend’, we could always spray some perfume on that card you know…


How durable are BUNS?

Very. Soldiers wear them in combat operations in the jungle. Well they don’t actually unless storming a beach in St Tropez incognito. But BUNS definitely are very durable and we take pride in our products. Take care of your BUNS and they’ll take care of you!


Where are BUNS produced?

It’s all made in Holland, the land of the free! No sweatshops involved and we let our employees enjoy the light of day at least once on weekdays en twice on Sunday. On a more serious note we do try to keep our products and their origin as honest as possible. We want to live in new age, an age of caring for the environment and good working conditions!